Rags in 1 or 2 Kg divisible packaging

Ideal for everyone in your company or for those who work outdoors, thanks to their small size in 1 or 2kg formats.
It helps making the workplace more tidy, while at the same time allowing the rags to be comfortably used when needed.

The materials can be checked by full metal detector on request.

1 kg Brick pack available in :

• Bound Multi-pack without box 12 Kg (n.12 packs / 1Kg each one)
• Multi-pack box 22 Kg (n.22 packs / 1Kg each one)

  2 kg Brick available in :

• Multi-pack without box , 2 kg brick pack  , bound pack of 10/20 Kg
• Brick packs box  of  20 Kg (n.10packs  / 2 kg each one)

Available in white or colour fabric

Find your ideal rag.

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