Industrial Pezzame Sale and Production
In a world that runs faster and faster,
we keep up with you!!!

Euro Recycling LPI, based in the province of Parma, specializes in the production of different types of industrial pieces.
Constant research and development ensure that we can offer its customers new materials suitable for all kinds of needs. Our Industrial wiping rags are sanitized in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of 5.2.1998, safe because they are checked by metal detector and packed in different packaging solutions for each use.

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You know what the rag is
right for you?

Discover the right mop

Why our Industrial Pezzame
Is it safer?

Quality and safety

What is the most
suitable for your needs?

Discover the package that’s right for you

Why does the recycled rag pay off?

Durable, safe, economical

High-quality industrial pieces

We have been producing industrial pieces for over 40 years

Euro Recycling LPI has dedicated its business to industrial scrap for 40 years. We are looking for innovative packaging systems that facilitate use for companies, machine shops, cleaning companies and individuals.

Industry , craft

Hardware, bricolage and fine arts shops


Not mere rags, but working tools

The tools you use every day should facilitate you in order to achieve an optimal result and in a short time. Using the right mop means working at its best and without inconvenience. Our rags undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety.



Metal detector Magnetic Control
Full Control Metal Detector


Recycled materials

We give new life to fabrics that
before they had other functions



Sanitation treatment in accordance with ministerial decree of 5.2.1998


With you wherever you go

Ideal for all uses and hobbies, in the right packaging for every need

Practical Packages of Industrial Pezzame for All Needs

Different formats for Industrial Pezzame:

  • The big industry
  • Workshops
  • Privates
  • Offices and catering
  • Cleaning companies

Quality and safety

Antibacterial sanitization treatment


Industrial Pezzame has been washed several times and has a very high absorbing power.


Durable, washable and inexpensive industrial rag


Our Industrial Muck cleans and does not leave out chemicals


All of our industrial rags are controlled through state-of-the-art systems

The INDUSTRIAL rag just because.

The quality of a rag is important for us as body repairers to achieve a perfect end result.

I choosed the right rag

Every activity, whether professional or recreational, needs the most appropriate tools. The mop is an indispensable tool on many occasions, and the choice must be weighed against its use. The difference is there and it shows!



“I didn’t think a rag could really make a difference.”

– Gianni [pescatore] –

“When I heard about it, I wanted to try it, and now I wouldn’t go back for anything.”

– Stephen [meccanico] –

Find your ideal rag.

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